Can someone please enlighten Baroness Greenfield and Prof Richard Dawkins about almost 20 years of IRC, MUDs and MOOs ? During these two decades they can find all the research they want about online social networking (no, it’s not a new paradigm either): anonymity, gender swap, virtual sex, shyness, social gathereness. Yes, many people that otherwise hadn’t socialize much, got in touch with others they appraised and, oh, got married since many years.

So, check all those academic papers, thesis, statistics and articles. Just change them for a 3D perspective so you can get the hype focus. Finally, just pour some water and a new article will come.


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In certain occasions my wife and I change cars between us. Being today one of those moments I swap the car register documents. And I was shocked. I’ve never realized what was on the back: a QR code! So many years with one and I’ve just discovered them last month.

But I’ve never seen a PSP or GNR officer with a scan device of any sort.

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