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Color my code!

May 26th, 2007 — 8:13pm

After being in touch with QR codes and learned about its possibilities I discovered that Microsoft has its own type of alternative, higher capacity code. It’s called High Capacity Color Barcode. It’s not a 2D code but a stream wrapped code.

Their intellectual property rights and the need for higher resolution scanners can give an advantage to QR codes. However it has a feature quite more interesting than the competition: color. This will certainly integrate better with brochures and colorful packages than with a black & white one.

So, QR codes start coloring yourselves!
Even if it’s the same data within, the colors don’t mean any information, it can be used more freely and inspirational.

I’ve tried some variations with my last code so I could feel the difference. The test was made with the conditions of my last post, taking snaphots from a Thinkpad T43 screen.

These worked quite well and I got the message from the code.

But the following examples did not.

I haven’t made more tests to check the right contrast or quantify the minimal color space to make it work.

That’s a job for the pro pals out there and I’ll be waiting for their suggestions.

Start coloring it!

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